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How to insert ot replace the content (text) into the template ?

open the file named "text.html" or "text.txt" which are include in your template package. To open it you can by any text editor like as "Notepad" or "Microsoft word". For example you want to add or replace the text in the section "About us".
In the "text.html" or "text.txt" file find section
////// About //////
and replace the given text with yellow background by yours. Save your file (save as) "text.html" or "text.txt" and upload it on your server.
You can do it with any template texts by analogy.

IMPORTANT!!! do not touch white spaces in the "text.html" file! like as &about_txt1, &about_txt2, &about_txt3, and so on... just change only highlighted text.