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How to upload files to the server

1) Please unzip the template after you have downloaded it to your computer. When you have unzipped the template you will see 4 folders. Namely Flash, HTML, Fonts and PSD.
(see picture below) 2) Open the "html" folder.

3) Upload all files to the root of your website (this is where the index.html file should be located) This directory is called public_html or WWW). You need to do this with an FTP application such as CuteFTP.

Please note: That we ask you to upload the contents of the HTML directory we send you, so do not upload the entire HTML directory just the contents of the HTMl directory, which also include sometimes the "inc" and "images" directory. All the files and directories which are into the "html" folder of your template drag and drop on the server into the public_html folder by FTP client like as CuteFTP or FileZilla